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Depression Emotional And Mental Health

Depression is a mood disorder that does not have just one cause. Psychological, biological and environmental factors may all contribute to its development. Women are 1.5 to 3 times more likely to suffer from a major depressive disorder than men, according to population studies. Though it's thought that female hormones may be the culprit, it's not yet clearly understood what causes this disparity.

Depression causes changes in thinking, feeling, behavior and physical well-being.Symptoms of depression can be mild, moderate or severe; they include:

. Sad or empty feelings
. Decreased interest or pleasure in activities
. Pronounced changes in sleep, appetite and energy
. Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
. Being either agitated or slowed down
. Difficulty thinking or concentrating
. Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

Depression is itself considered a risk factor for some diseases, and physical ailments such as headaches, digestive disorders and chronic pain are often associated with depression. In addition, having certain diseases, such as psoriasis or cancer, can bring about depression, but how depression affects the body is still not well understood.

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Neurology Medical Center

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