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Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Please feel confident that this test has been performed and processed efficiently and effectively. Our doctors are highly trained with the latest technology. Our system is used to screen for spike detection, through highly sophisticated software.

Electroencephalogram - EEG

This EEG Amplifier programs each channel to provide the cleanest signal possible, with the least amount of artifact.

Some Indications
Cognitive Disorders
Acute & Chronic Headache

The EEG or Electroencephalogram is used to help diagnose the presence of seizure disorders, confusion, head injuries, brain tumors, degenerative diseases, infections, and metabolic disturbances that affect the brain.

Here at the Neurology Medical Center, we have an in-house EEG machine that provides some of the latest advancements and features in EEG technology to help better measure and diagnose a multitude of possible neurological disorders.

How long does the standard EEG test take?

The test varies from patient to patient, but most are completed within 30-45 minutes.

Do I need to undergo EEG testing?

Seizures are the most common cause of performing an EEG test.
However other symptoms are often seen as requiring EEG testing as well, such as:

. Lapse of Consciousness
. Change in Behaviors
. Mental Symptoms
. Sensory Changes

Your physician will help properly assess your condition and make the appropriate decision.

Is EEG testing uncomfortable?

No. Patients that undergo EEG testing rarely, if ever, complain of discomfort. The test is taken by electrodes (small metallic discs) pasted by an electricity conducting gel to the surface of the scalp (similar to an EKG, however on the scalp)

Is EEG covered by insurance?

Yes, almost always insurance will cover EEG testing.

Electromyogram - EMG / Nerve Conduction Velocity - NCV

Utilizing digital technology NCV and EMG are now easier to perform, more reliable and accurate.


Some Indications
Tingling & Numbness
Entrapment Neuropathies
Nerve Injuries
Carpal Tunnel
I.V. Disc
Cranial Nerves e.g. Facial Palsy
Local Weakness
Radiating Pains
Facial Tics

During an EMG, electrodes are placed over nerves and electrical shocks are used to measure nerve conduction speed and delays. Acupuncture like needles are inserted into certain muscles to measure electrical activity and wave formation. EMG Tests are extremely useful in localizing pinched cervical and lumbosacral nerve roots.

How long does the standard EMG test take?

Most EMG tests last between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Is EMG testing covered by insurance?

Yes, almost always insurance will cover EMG testing.

Are EMG's painful?

A NCV, EMG Test is usually not painful. Some patients experience discomfort because of electrical sensations or pain from initial needle insertion. However, Dr. Kreidie is particularly experienced in this testing and has yet to experience a side effect of any kind. He receives many referrals for EMG tests and always performs the test with extreme care.

Video Electronystagmography - VENG

VENG is indicated for the following test:

. Balance - System
. Dizziness
. Disequilibrium
. Nystamus
. Vertigo
. Vestibular Disorders
. Most helpful in fall prevention

Video Eloctronystagmography - VNG

An Ultra Modern Digital computerized technique:

. Non-Touch
. Accurate
. Reliable
. Easy to perform
. No Electrodes

In simple terms, this test is like a headset that you put on that provides a series of lights that you have to follow with each eye. The pupil of each eye is tracked by a pair of sophisticated, infer red cameras. The infer red cameras track the exact position and movement of the pupils in each eye. The headset is attached to a computer that tells the headset what to do and records the data that is gathered by the headset. The VNG Software interprets the data and puts it on screen for the Neurologist to view and diagnose. The purpose of this test is to map out the "circuitry" of the brain. The eyes are directly connected to the brain and look in different directions when accessing the various parts of the brain. The computer screen shows a series of 2 lines that represent the position of the lights in the headset vs. the position of the associated eye's pupil. When the eye goes off course, it tells the Neurologist something about the Brain's circuitry and function.

Evoked Potential (EP)

Evoked Potential is a measure of nerve conduction time from peripheral to central nervous system from eye, ear, or limbs. Information is gathered about brain and nerve function. Testing is very useful in aiding the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, and 8th cranial nerve problems by brain stem auditory evoked potential. They can also be helpful in many circumstances such as conditions concerning visual changes. The connection between a limb and the spinal cord/brain can also be measured by somatosensory evoked potential.

How long does the standard EP test take?

Most EP tests last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the extent of the test.

Is Evoked Potential testing covered by insurance?

Yes, almost always insurance will cover this testing.

Imagining (MRI. CT scan, X-Ray) referrals

The Neurology Medical Center has referred patients to nearby quality imaging and diagnostic centers for the past twelve years. We guarantee to refer only to the most notable and distinguished offices, which we trust with our full confidence time and time again.


The Neurology Medical Center is proud to offer a variety of physiotherapy treatments for patients that experience muscle pain and discomfort.
Our trained specialists are able to perform:

. Electrical Stimulation: A 12 minute procedure for pain relief that targets specific regions of pain.
. Ultrasounds: A 5-10 minute procedure to control and relieve muscle inflammation.
. Traction: Pain relief of pressure located at the cervical/lumber discs.
. Muscle Stretching/Strengthening: A wide variety of exercises to help improve flexibility, posture, physical strength, and provide muscle tone.
. Therapeutic Exercises: Specific exercises to induce muscle relaxation in the areas of complaint.

Nerve Block, Trigger Point, and Botox Treatment

More and more neurologists such as Dr. M. Mike Kreidie are performing pain procedures such as:

. Trigger Point Injection
. Occipital Nerve Block for headaches
. Peripheral Nerve Block for limb pain

In addition, Botox treatment has been found to be very useful for abnormal neck spasm, headaches, spasticity, and eye and facial spasms.

Neurology Medical Center is also introducing a new concept in Botox Treatment, Neurocosmesis, which will improve image while also receiving pain. Please call for more details.

*Note: Please consult a neurologist for a complete evaluation for advice on possible treatments and a proper diagnosis.


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